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Hi there, i'm Catiayusi. A well experimented Master ADC/Support player in NA. Peaked Challenger in LAN server.
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77 reviews
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Tristana509 14,53 3,23 4,59 5,93 168,13 / game 93,32%
Lucian66 17,33 3,56 5,05 6,29 166,59 / game 98,48%
Vayne63 14,1 4,1 5,19 4,71 177,6 / game 93,65%
Lulu50 2,6 3,36 17,02 5,84 11,62 / game 94,0%
Jinx35 14,09 3,43 5,89 5,83 177,94 / game 91,43%
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Coaching duration
35 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
70 €
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Catiayusi
26 set 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
Makes Tristana
Makes Tristana look like a raid boss!
9 set 2022
Silver IV to Gold IV
He is
He is one of the best coach and booster i applied his knowledge to my other games and i see my improvement
8 set 2022
Iron I to Bronze IV
Got it
Got it done in less than 12 hours after I placed the order, Im surprised at the speed and efficiency
6 set 2022
Bronze III to Gold IV
I had
I had 3 boosters during my order, this one was definitely the best. Was able to play a lot and was really good.
4 set 2022
7 wins in Gold II
very friendly,
very friendly, gave good tips throughout the q session
30 ago 2022
Silver I to Gold III
Great mental
Great mental
24 ago 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
Great teacher
Great teacher with amazing macro sense. We won every single game no matter how bad our team was even when against enemy smurf accounts. He took charge, communicated with me how we can win, and pinged our team to lead us to victory.
22 ago 2022
Silver II to Silver I
very friendly,
very friendly, effecient, and good communication! also very quick wins
21 ago 2022
Silver I to Gold III
Booster was
Booster was nice and friendly
18 ago 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Super great
Super great at the game and gave very helpful advice for coaching
18 ago 2022
Silver IV to Silver III
amazing and
amazing and quick service
15 ago 2022
3 wins in Gold IV
Great service,
Great service, great guy.
13 ago 2022
Gold II to Platinum IV
excellent player
excellent player and very friendly, would recommend!
13 ago 2022
2 wins in Silver IV
great player,
great player, second time I've had them
12 ago 2022
Bronze I to Silver IV
AMAZING!!! very
AMAZING!!! very nice booster maybe eveen the best on the website.
11 ago 2022
Silver IV to Silver II
My booster
My booster was great. No complaints and very happy with how fast we got the boosting done in one sitting.
7 ago 2022
Bronze III to Gold IV
He was
He was great, easy to work with, worked around my schedule
3 ago 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Low ELO but didn't lose a game and completed the order very fast.
30 lug 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
very experienced.
very experienced. will help you climb fast, and looks to win games early saving lots of time! coaching could use a little improvement, most of the conversations were usually how to get him fed so that we could win the game, leaving me wanting to learn how to play at a higher level without really receiving the information in return. All in All very nice guy who is super skilled at the game and will carry you to your dream ELO!
29 lug 2022
3 wins in Silver I
Quick and
Quick and efficient
29 lug 2022
Gold II to Platinum IV
Very quick
Very quick very nice
28 lug 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Amazing. I
Amazing. I will order this booster again.
25 lug 2022
Silver IV to Silver I
He was
He was able to dominate most games, but you could tell when he got tilty, and there was zero coaching provided. Also often difficult to understand. Overall, he got it done, but I wouldn't say I enjoyed playing with him. Probably better off doing solo orders than duos.
19 lug 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Great, fast,
Great, fast, and very accomodating