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Hello i am Frozen, i am 21 yrs old from Serbia. I hit Challenger season 4 on eune, since that time i am boosting. I've got 6 years of boosting experience on various sites. My main role is Mid lane, but i am also playing jungle if needed. I am also Kassadin OTP. So if you got any midlane preferences i am sure you've come to good place :).
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booster rating 4,68
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56 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Lux67 5,1 3,66 15,88 5,74 37,73 / game 82,09%
Karma67 2,07 3,15 16,07 5,76 20,64 / game 76,12%
Lulu51 2,22 4,1 20,67 5,58 11,37 / game 68,63%
Yuumi35 2,86 1,83 20,17 12,59 5,6 / game 82,86%
Nami30 2,77 3,13 20,27 7,35 9,77 / game 86,67%
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Frozen
12 nov 2022
Silver I to Platinum IV
Very good
Very good booster! Would recommend! 10/10
8 nov 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Very friendly
Very friendly booster, love him✌️😂
4 nov 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
Very friendly,
Very friendly, fast and professional
4 lug 2022
3 wins in Diamond IV
1 apr 2022
Platinum IV to Platinum III
10 feb 2022
Bronze II to Bronze I
Quick and
Quick and amazing
9 feb 2022
10 Placement matches Bronze I
Amazing! Won
Amazing! Won all 10 of my placement games. Only played the champs I selected too. Very friendly as well. I highly recommend this booster.
18 gen 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
So fast
So fast
17 gen 2022
3 wins in Bronze I
he's a
he's a good player but unnecessarily toxic to teammates...
8 gen 2022
6 Placement matches Silver II
super agréable
super agréable et une qualité garantie
9 nov 2021
6 wins in Silver I
excellent, he
excellent, he replaced seomeone else and he took care of my order really fast
5 nov 2021
Gold II to Platinum IV
Gold II
Gold II to Plat IV in 2 days. Very fast on the boost. Really nice person and very talkative and quick reponse. He even listened about my preferences on champions and stayed offline. I would recommend him without doubt
10 gen 2021
3 Placement matches Gold II
3/3, nice
3/3, nice guys !
10 gen 2021
10 Placement matches Diamond II
Kathus and Zara
Kathus and Zara
10 gen 2021
10 Placement matches Silver I
Very friendly.
Very friendly. Quick responder and high winrate
2 nov 2020
League of Legends account
Bery nice !
Bery nice !
7 apr 2020
7 Placement matches Bronze II
Really good
Really good person and player, recommend.
29 mar 2020
3 wins in Platinum I
Very friendly,
Very friendly, fast and spontanious
20 mar 2020
Silver III to Gold II
Sehr freundlich
Sehr freundlich und kompetent :)
18 mar 2020
1 Placement matches Gold III
No problem
No problem with any of them after 14 orders, which represents 6 or 7 boosters tested.
10 mar 2020
Gold II to Platinum IV
Very nice guy
Very nice guy
23 feb 2020
Iron II to Platinum III
Very nice
Very nice and responsive
14 feb 2020
Gold I to Platinum IV
My order
My order went through different people, only Frozen was professional, adapted to the selected champions and appear offline. Good winrate and it was fast.
13 feb 2020
Gold I to Platinum III
Horrible opinion
Horrible opinion about that specific booster ( i chose him). Eune challenger. He did not use the champions i paid for and he wasted 4 days for an order from g2 to p4 and he didn't even finish it. After that 1st booster that i wont comment his name, FROZEN picked up the order and helped me out.Thank you FROZEN! I recommend FROZEN if you want your orders to be ASAP !!