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I am a Australian league of legends player that has played on OCE & Chinese servers. Currently playing on OCE. I have been GM/Challenger consistently the last two seasons. I play Jungle & Midlane, sometimes support and adc. Rarely top. I have been high elo with Jungle, Midlane & Support, but not adc. Read more
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Ezreal17 10,76 6,47 8,88 3,04 234,47 / game 58,82%
Khazix14 17,07 4,57 6,0 5,05 117,5 / game 85,71%
Graves13 8,15 5,15 9,62 3,45 220,69 / game 53,85%
Caitlyn12 9,5 4,83 6,0 3,21 200,58 / game 75,0%
Lillia9 8,89 4,33 10,11 4,38 199,67 / game 77,78%
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50 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
100 €
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Garmr
2 feb 2023
Bronze II to Silver IV
Great player,
Great player, got it done in 1 day!
31 gen 2023
Bronze I to Silver IV
he was
he was very chill and very helpful, good time management and 110% recommend
1 set 2022
Gold IV to Gold II
Patient dude.
Patient dude. Nice guy and solid jungler!
27 ago 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
very good
very good and the best booster i have used so far!
14 ago 2022
Bronze I to Silver IV
Booster was
Booster was very kind and helpful, despite the tough games he kept going and won the games. Highly Recommended.
24 lug 2022
Bronze I to Silver IV
fun friendly
fun friendly
29 apr 2022
4 wins in Silver II
Amazing, can
Amazing, can carry super hard in Silver
25 mar 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Carried hard
Carried hard and never tilts, bronze/silver elo
22 feb 2022
Bronze IV to Bronze III
Proffesional, patient,
Proffesional, patient, positive, efficient & understanding.
16 feb 2022
Bronze III to Bronze II
Excellent booster
Excellent booster and very friendly
10 feb 2022
Iron I to Bronze IV
Top Quality
Top Quality Coaching, amazing results, supportive and happy to chat, chill and answer nagging questions. Definitely the Ideal Gold Standard for a Boost Royal employee.
29 gen 2022
Bronze I to Silver III
Down to
Down to Earth Coach great Carry and Coach. Very Smart player and has a high understanding of the game.
24 ago 2021
2 Placement matches Gold IV
Carried hard,
Carried hard, didn't tilt and dealt with everything in stride, absolute legend.
22 ago 2021
2 Placement matches Gold IV
100% my
100% my favorite person to play with, dealt with toxic team mates and continued to play with a level head - went above & beyond, absolute LEGEND.
28 lug 2021
League of Legends account
27 lug 2021
2 Placement matches Unranked
Insanely good.
Insanely good. Was able to carry games that seemed very lost. Has great mental, very focused on winning and doing a great job. Highly recommend
23 lug 2021
10 Placement matches Unranked
perfect, always
perfect, always keeping me up to date
22 mag 2021
3 Placement matches Silver III
helpful and polite
helpful and polite
22 mar 2021
League of Legends account
22 feb 2021
10 Placement matches Bronze I
friendly and
friendly and preformed expected rate
21 feb 2021
2 Placement matches Gold II
Very good,
Very good, sometimes slow to communicate but not often.
17 feb 2021
9 Placement matches Unranked
Good Bloke
Good Bloke
12 feb 2021
Gold I to Platinum IV
Really good,
Really good, teaches well and tries his best.
28 gen 2021
Gold IV to Gold II