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I am Katarina otp,used to be #1 kat world on my main acc back in s8.Feel free to assign me and enjoy the the plays..Lets have fun!.
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Katarina460 11,28 4,74 5,43 3,52 178,13 / game 70,22%
Malphite5 4,2 3,6 6,0 2,83 132,6 / game 60,0%
Diana4 9,25 7,5 5,75 2,0 172,25 / game 100,0%
Fizz3 10,0 4,0 6,67 4,17 189,67 / game 100,0%
Qiyana3 5,67 9,33 5,33 1,18 125,33 / game 33,33%
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29 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
58 €
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Katbeast
26 set 2022
1 wins in Gold IV
Again a
Again a really nice win
26 set 2022
1 wins in Gold IV
Really nice booster
Really nice booster
25 set 2022
3 wins in Diamond III
Probably the
Probably the 10th time I’ve used him! The best Kat :D
21 set 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
very good,
very good, very skilled
4 set 2022
Diamond I to Master
Top Booster
Top Booster very friendly and does his job really well.
3 set 2022
2 hours coaching with Katbeast
Very good
Very good coach, taught me a lot of little things that I looked over, early gameplan, and how to capitalize off of certain opportunities. Would highly recommend.
28 ago 2022
4 wins in Diamond IV
Perfect as
Perfect as usual!
28 ago 2022
1 hours coaching with Katbeast
Great coach!
Great coach! got nice tips in jungle role
28 ago 2022
2 wins in Diamond IV
The first
The first duo mate to also give me tips! Our quality of the games has improved and we ended up winning so many games in high elo! Can't believe the improvement I have made, on an off role too!
27 ago 2022
Diamond IV to Diamond III
Dude love
Dude love you, so kind.
9 ago 2022
4 Normal games
legit hard
legit hard pops off every game, name checks out
7 ago 2022
2 wins in Silver IV
Accepted my
Accepted my request and smashed the games right away, gigachad
6 ago 2022
Diamond IV to Diamond III
the best
the best
24 lug 2022
2 hours coaching with Katbeast
hired for
hired for katarina coaching. He did a great job of showing that even with a good winrate im still making mistakes at times and can improve.
11 lug 2022
10 Placement matches Platinum IV
Smurf queue
Smurf queue placement one of the worse queue in the game (that’s why I hire Katbeast instead of playing myself xd) Plat 4 placed into Plat 4 <3 Let’s goooooo!
11 lug 2022
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
I’ve been
I’ve been using Katbeast for a few orders now. Best Kat otp!!!
4 lug 2022
10 Placement matches Diamond IV
2 lug 2022
Silver I to Gold II
Gotta love him!
Gotta love him!
30 giu 2022
Gold III to Platinum IV
If you
If you main Katerina and want to climb up the ranks go with Katbeast. He’s probably one of the best Kat player out there. Very stable win rate and gets the order done in a timely manner. Better than Katdevolved imo xd
28 giu 2022
2 hours coaching with Katbeast
Lots of
Lots of Katarina knowledge and just game knowledge in general. I learned about mistakes I was making that I never even thought were mistakes and ended winning/carrying my next game just by fixing those mistakes.
2 giu 2022
Gold I to Platinum III
Funny and
Funny and communicative dude - did a amazing job AGAIN! 11/10 would recommend
31 mag 2022
1 wins in Bronze I
I've got
I've got hard booster by him
31 mag 2022
1 wins in Bronze I
Insane katarina otp
Insane katarina otp
30 mag 2022
2 Placement matches Gold IV
Very good
Very good booster, carried hard on Kat!